IceBlock - The missing cyber for your cyber physical system

Complete wireless solution

Wireless is inbuilt of your next truly industry 4.0 applications

4 DI, 4 DO

With 4 inputs and 4 outputs, perfect for the missing cyber for your cyber pyhsical system

Secure Applications

Our solutions will make your applications secure


It is distributed straight out of the box

What Can IceBlock Do?

The industry’s full transition to the new generation automation systems is going to take a long time. IceBlock distributed PLC platform is a key to enhance existing equipment with distributed intelligent control today. It is an ultimate future-proof solution that will allow seamless transition to Industry 4.0

IceBlock nano-PLC is a powerful yet tiny and cost-effective device that is intended to be a node in the Internet of Machines. It can perform control of an intelligent mechatronic component collaborating with other such components wirelessly. It talks with other nodes peer-to-peer via the Internet Protocol, thus avoiding the plethora of obsolete fieldbuses. IceBlock exists in the standard 4xInputs, 4xOutputs configuration, but can also be customised to particular interfaces of mechatronic devices. IceBlock is powered by the most powerful implementation of IEC 61499 standard provided by NxtControl.