Our Vision

Tight profit margins and networked global manufacturing within the automation industry emphasise the need for increased flexibility and production efficiency. To stay competitive, factories must leverage the new industrial standards, Internet of Machines and digitalization.

We believe that automation systems can be built with a set of ready intelligent building blocks and the new distributed automation architecture defined by IEC 61499 standard. Connected with each other wirelessly and directly. This approach will create a smart flexible control system and bring unprecedented level of flexibility.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for distributed intelligence in future automation systems.

Flexbridge smart flexible control system – effortless Engineering

To make production more flexible there is a need for smarter control systems empowering the flexibility in the factory. Our solution is based on distributed intelligent controllers in a wireless environment. It reduces the effort for system integration and reconfiguration of production processes drastically.

  • Creates smart flexible control systems
  • Provides Real-time control of equipment and tasks
  • Leverages on wireless connectivity and distributed intelligence
  • Is based on the new Industry IEC 61499 standard enabling Industry 4.0
  • Provides increased flexibility through plug and produce
  • Uses a set of ready to use intelligent hardware and software building blocks

  • Introducing IceBlock - Enhancing your automation system with distributed intelligence

    The industry’s full transition to the new generation Industry 4.0 automation systems is on going and needs smart solutions to accelerate adoption. IceBlock distributed PLC platform is a key to enhance existing equipment with distributed intelligent control already today. It is an ultimate future-proof solution that will allow seamless transition to Industry 4.0

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